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Getting Started as a Salesforce Project Manager

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Interested in becoming a Salesforce Project Manager? Experienced Salesforce project managers are in high demand and well compensated. Salesforce project managers can work directly for companies and their teams to implement and maintain Salesforce or work for consulting firms that provide that service to companies. Some project managers are independent contractors, allowing them to select their workload and companies and charge a premium for their services.

Understanding the fundamental concepts of Salesforce will help you stand out from the crowd of potential candidates for Salesforce Project Management positions. Experience with Salesforce will amplify your chances of being hired.

How do you get started if you have never worked with Salesforce? This article will outline a few recommended suggestions to get started.

  1. Create an account on Salesforce Trailhead and take their provided FREE Salesforce Trailhead training. Links to recommended training are shown in this article in the section below.

  2. Understand the terminology and lingo. You will hear several acronyms as part of a Salesforce implementation team or working for a SaaS (Software as a Service) company. Shown at the bottom of this article are basic terms you should know.

  3. If you are working for a company with Salesforce, find a willing colleague to walk you through the Salesforce platform at a high level and how your company uses it. Understand the lead-to-customer process, including any department and integration touchpoints. Understanding the entire customer lifecycle and how Salesforce plays a role will help you put the system into context.

  4. Nothing can replace real-world experience. Volunteer to be a part of a Salesforce implementation team or shadow an experienced Salesforce Project Manager or Scrum Master. Experience will allow you to pair the training and knowledge of context with the day-to-day experience of implementing and maintaining the system once launched.


Basic Terms You Should Know

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Software (e.g. Salesforce) companies use to build relationships with prospect/customers, and to facilitate the sales process.