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Build a Company Target List

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Build a target list of companies that you want to work for.

Most people looking for a new opportunity will spend hours, if not weeks and months, combing through numerous job boards and lists looking for opportunities, applying, and hearing nothing. A majority of the time, applicants apply for a role hoping that a recruiter notices them in the pile of hundreds of applicants.

Why do job seekers continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result?

Focus on the companies you want to work for instead of first looking for a job.

Career professionals work for companies that fit their professional wants and needs. They are proactive instead of reactive. They do the hard work to find the right fit. They constantly connect and network with people in their fields. They know the industry and its trends. They are aware of the hot companies, those on the downward slope, and who are in a period of transition.

Why is this important?

Creating a list of companies that you want to work for will save you significant time and increase your chances of finding the right career fit for you.

  • Focusing your time and efforts in networking, referrals, interacting with the company on social media platforms, and job applications to the companies that meet your criteria. Some experts say that it could be as high as 80% of positions are filled due to networking.

  • You won't waste time with networking conversations, interviews, or prep work for interview loops on companies that don't meet your professional needs and goals.

  • Potentially save money in transportation, relocation, or sunk costs that are part of the interview and job offer lifecycle.

  • Increase career satisfaction in finding companies who offer fulfilling opportunities

  • Reduce the risk of future recruiter questions about company tenure and job jumping

  • Have a solid answer for "Why do you want to work here?". Recruiters will be impressed that you focused on their company and then opportunities rather than just looking to fill a job.

  • If you are ever lucky enough to juggle multiple offers, knowing your dimensions and priorities ahead of time can make the decision easier.

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