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One of my greatest joys of working for a Cornerstone OnDemand (a human capital management company focusing on the future of work) is the numerous options for career and knowledge enrichment. * Not only do I enjoy my work with my team, but I believe in the company and its mission. I can take part in virtual management training, access an extensive library of courses, and utilize tuition reimbursement. The focus on a growth mindset and continual feedback loops align strongly with my values.

The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation works with non-profits worldwide by delivering professional development to their employees and volunteers. The Cornerstone OnDemand Foundation provides FREE high-quality training utilizing the Cornerstone talent management system products. The training is for anyone committed to making a difference in the world.

The focus is on three areas (Workforce Ready, NonProfitReady, DisasterReady). Each area offers FREE courses and an opportunity to gain FREE certifications you can add to your resume and social media. If you are an underrepresented job seeker, use this information to propel your career and support others along the way. Don't just use this knowledge for yourself, but then work with people and organizations who would benefit from your gained expertise. - Preparing underrepresented job seekers. Free certificate programs to prepare you for today's workforce. Topics include: business and professional skills. FREE Certifications include: Interview Ready, Internship Ready, Career Ready. - Empowering nonprofit employees, board members, and volunteers. Certifications include: fundraising, grant seeking, and more. Program and project management courses are available under this umbrella.

DisasterReady.Org - Training humanitarian aid and development professionals. Online learning resources for Humanitarian Aid and Development Professionals. Certificates include: Core Humanitarian Certification, Personal Safety and Security Certificate, Procurement and Logistics Certificate, and Security Risk Management Certification.

* Noting that the views on this website and article are my own.


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