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My name is Lori Schoenhard. Nice to meet you!

I have been leading programs and projects in the IT domain for almost two decades, specifically strategic transformation efforts, migrations, new implementations, and digital programs and strategies. 

I have a Master's Degree from Boston University in Computer Information Systems and IT Project Management. I am a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) ®, Certified Scrum Master (CSM) ®, Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) ®, and ITIL Foundation (expired). I also hold a PMI Organizational Transformation Micro-Credential.  

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My Story and How I Can Help You

My career in project management did not follow a traditional path. Instead of majoring in an undergraduate degree in business, computers, or management, I graduated with my bachelor's in Music from a well-known and respected liberal arts college in the US Midwest. 

After a few years after college of trying to find my way, I made the tough decision to start career anew. During this time, I was fortunate enough to gain employment working for a small-sized family-owned digital agency that taught me full-stack development, account management, business analysis, training, and project management. My roles and responsibilities grew, and I was proud to work on several of their key regional and national accounts. It was a combination of being given a chance, luck, hard work, and dedication that started my career. This experience is one of the many reasons I am offering assistance to people in their careers today.

After this formative experience, I moved on to other opportunities and have been proud to work as a strategic program, project, and product manager for Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical companies, Enterprise Healthcare Systems, National Membership Organizations, Retail, Insurance, and Financial Service Companies. I have worked on both customer facing implementation and strategy teams and internal operational teams. My experience has included company-wide Merger & Acquisitions and implementation of new systems and software. During the last few years, I have also gained advanced degrees and certifications.

How Can I Help You? And Why?

I have been fortunate to meet mentors and coaches who have provided key insights and advice that helped shape my career and mindset throughout my career. Those pieces of advice came to me through informal conversation, observations, or formal mentor/mentee situations. I grew my career by utilizing a growth-mindset and have the belief that all people are inherently good and want to be helpful. I proactively reached out to individuals outside of my network, asked probing questions, and actively worked on areas for my personal and professional improvement. 

I want to support and positively influence people. Whether you are going through a different job search, you are unsatisfied in your current role, feel frustrated and discouraged, or lost your confidence - I can relate, as I have been there and I can help. Once I realized that I had the power over my own career, not my company or manager, I took charge and ditched the negative self-talk and inner critic. I became my authentic self, I led with intention. The mission of this site is to offer you advice, tools, and techniques to take the same journey to success. 

Contact Me

I'm always open to meeting new people and collaborating with others. Schedule a FREE intro call.

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